Saturday, December 19, 2015

Why Han Solo will be never be able to provide financial security to Singapore women. [SPOILER ALERT]

Let's face it, if you have daughter, you will never allow her to date Han Solo. This guy has an unstable job as a smuggler and can be a little too trigger happy for your taste.

The Force Awakens clearly paints the horrible consequences of dating a an unconscientious male. Han Solo turns out be a worse dad than a husband, so much so that his son Ben Solo turns to dark side and eventually kills him.

The charming and flaky male is irresistible to women. TFA's lesson is that women will go far to mate with Han Solo, even forgoing the title of Princess and taking on the mantle of General just to make the relationship work. In Singapore, I see so many Han Solos showing up in family court looking quite like the above picture when pressed to provide spousal maintenance.

The Economist would back my thesis that Han Solo is bad news for Singapore women.

In an article on good fathers, last week's issue of The Economist looked at different male archetypes based on how much men produced testosterone when aroused by watching pornography. The article proposes two mating strategies. The Han Solo archetypical male produced more testosterone when aroused tended to preferred having multiple sex partners in the hopes of fathering more children with different women. They put negligible effort in parenting. The alternative kind of men who produced lower levels of testosterone and preferred to mate with one spouse and focused on raising fewer children in a higher quality environment.  The former are cads, and the latter are dad.

Like now, society is fair to both kinds of men, rewarding each archetype equally which explains why men fall into the Han Solo category and those who don't.

Which begs the key question - what kind of men fall into the latter category and make the ideal spouse for the Singapore woman  ? What man would most father-in-laws prefer ?

The Force Awakens also contains the answer....

The ideal husband for a Singaporean woman in my humble opinion is General Hux, the Architect of the Starkiller Base. General Hux has its flaws but he is deliberate and conscientious, an ideal counter-weight to the religious fanaticism of Kylo Ren.

The ideal Singapore husband will never join a bunch of terrorists, he will work hard and bring his family honour by joining the Imperial Academy and graduate with flying colours and then climb to the rank of general for the First Order.

Can you imagine the kind of project management skills that would be required to build a planet-sized base that could tap into the power of Sun ? My estimate is that General Hux would need to lead thousands of portfolio managers to get the job done, not to mention the headaches required in project finance.

My impression of Episode 7 is that the MVP of the First Order is General Hux, not the emo piece of shit called Kylo Ren.

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