Thursday, December 03, 2015

Exams are over ! Quick update on my life.

My last paper was today. I'm going to take it slow and slowly get back into blogging.

First, a quick update.

With 3 semesters of law school down, it has just dawned upon us that Law School is not easy at all when you compact it into three short years. Even the elite RJC types who made it into a LLB program needs 4 years to graduate, most of us ordinary mortals of the JD program who used to working Joes should have seen the suffering and pain coming a mile away. I can only say that my CFA preparations I made a decade ago actually helped me trace a convertible bond and figure how issuing it to the wrong party can amount to unlawful financial assistance.

( Incidentily, here's wishing good luck to the CFA candidates this weekend ! )

But through all that suffering, this third semester has been intellectually very satisfying. We picked up information about property and corporate law which would have been inaccessible even to conscientious folks with a good search engine.  But the price to pay was high, some of us were not prepared for just how difficult this semester was compared to the chump change which was year 1.

But apparently exams were the least of my problems.

During exam preparations, I discovered that my mum was ill and now needed to have an operation just before Christmas. We were fortunate as the problem was detected early but, I have spent some of my exam prep time reading my notes in the hospital. Needless to say, for the rest of this short holiday, I am worried sick and my focus would be on reading some books and my family.

[ Initially i wanted the readers to join me in my quick journey to become a full-stack internet marketer and produce a few e-books for sale but this plan is in the back-burner now as I am going to start my reading up for semester 4 as early as next week. ]

a) No change to the situation in world markets.

The market remains in  a bearish mode. China is still facing a downturn and we are still bracing for the Feds upping their interest rates. The upshot form all this is that REITs may actually look better than other stock investments because they are the least bad in terms of prospect.

I have no idea what would happen next but I think we'll be better served being defensive about the markets. If the STI PE ratio hits about 11, it might be a good time to start bargain hunting.

b) Bought myself an iPad Pro.

During exam season I did put up some of my money to buy a high-end iPad Pro so that my cases would look larger when projected on a 12 inch screen. As of now I an still waiting for the Apple Pencil and Keyboard to arrive in stores so that I can see if I can start creating my notes on a tablet.

I do look forward to getting an Apple Pencil as it might give me some opportunity to release some stress when I can start sketching some fantasy monsters on my iPad.

c) Readings   

My first act when I completed my exams was to finish reading Empire of Imagination by Michael Witwer which is a biography on Gary Gygax, the creator of Dungeons & Dragons. My exam preparations really taught me how to read quickly and I could project it in large font on a 12 inch screen.

More updates will come as I try to finish up the books I have accumulated on my kindle since the past 3 months. This seems to be the only activity that I achieve some flow in these days.

d) Hobbies

I did try to pick up some games today but I guess I was to shell-shocked to focus on computer gaming ( Imagine that ! ) Sword Coast Legends was a huge disappointment as no attempt was even made to make the game look remotely like Dungeons & Dragons.

Disappointed with SCL, I bought Legacy of the Void to see whether I could just relax with a RTS game and it turns out that Protoss units are so elaborate that I no longer have the willpower to micromanage my zealots to even complete the first campaign.

Failing which, I do have a final option. My awesome Millenial classmates informed me of a new 4x Fantasy game called Sorceror Kings by Stardock which looks like the kind of addictive strategy game I loved decades ago.

That's all I have for now.

Catch you guys again over the weekend.


  1. Hello Christopher,

    Here is wishing your mum a speedy recovery after the operation.

  2. Thanks, really appreciate it !

  3. Hey bro,

    Hope your mum is fine. My mum just finished her chem and radio therapy, and I can certainly empathize with the anxiety and all. First, keep yourself upbeat and healthy, then you can take care of others. Wish you and your family good health!

  4. Hey mate. Wishing your mum a fast and good recovery after the op!

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