Thursday, July 16, 2015

Are you wiser than an ITE student ?

Was attending a wedding last week and was very honoured to have a conversation with an ITE Life-skills lecturer so naturally I became very curious about her work. I wanted to know what would constitute life skills because it would potentially benefit readers of this blog.

I was quite impressed when I was told that ITE employed the DISC personality profile system.
Having a knowing one's personality is quite crucial in the working world because it helps a person decide on a vocation. The ITE lecturer also shared with me that ITE uses personality profiling to detect whether a student problems with self-esteem where more intervention then becomes necessary.

Naturally, having very successfully googled the Maths syllabus for Normal Academic students, I proceeded to find out what life skills really contain but I was quite disappointed to find out that detailed syllabus information was not available on the Internet. 

Instead I found some references to the following :

Personal Effectiveness
Group Effectiveness
Interpersonal Skills
Communication Skills 
Thinking Skills
Information Technology 
Sports and Wellness

The result is humbling. I'm pretty sure that I will fail the Sports and Wellness modules and there were two modules which had to be passed.

Anyway, I am calling out readers of this blog to help me obtain details on ITE Life skills.  I think that if these skills can be generalised, we could create a self-help body of knowledge that is useful to all professionals regardless of educational qualifications and could lead to future blog postings.

Catch you guys this weekend, I will write about highly-anticipated article on Crowdfunding !!!

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