Friday, May 29, 2015

Mad Max shows us how the Singaporean Dream can become a Singaporean Nightmare.

I think by now most readers would have watched this face-melting action movie so it's time to write an article on this action flick.

Why is Mad Max a teachable moment for the investor capitalist ?

The reason is this....

...If you follow my advice, work hard, save a large chunk of your earnings and learn the arts of investment well, you would be just like Immortan Joe, the villain of the movie !

I just can't relate to the two heroes of the movie. Instead, I found myself cheering for Immortan Joe, a self-made leader who carved a new society in his own image.

If you really think about it, what has Immortan Joe done wrong ?

He found a way to pump water up from the ground, quietly built a garden to raise crops, and built a loyal corp of war boys who obviously loved him like their own dad. Yes, he has a harem because he worked so hard to accumulate his assets but he's eminently human about it - there was this one scene where he would rather crash his vehicle than to hurt his unborn child. He also demonstrated much angst and sadness when one of his wives died.

If one character represents everything this blog and it's fan base stands for, it's Immortan Joe.

So why should all of you eager beaver capitalists need to watch Mad Max ?

Because Mad Max is about what kind of folks who will eventually lead to your downfall and the destruction of your Singaporean Dream.

Let's start with Imperator Furiosa.

The true protagonist of Mad Max is a woman who rose up the ranks to hold the title of Imperator, which clearly goes to show how much Immortan Jow respects women of ability.

The equivalent of the Imperators in our society today are the Latte Liberals in Singapore today - armed to the teeth with liberal arts degrees, living in their expensive district 10 condominiums and drinking Civet Cat-Shit coffee while lamenting about the state of income inequality in societies today. Of course, to these liberals, it's not enough to be the right hand of Immortan Joe, Imperator Furiosa has her perverse vision of a egalitarian society represented by an evergreen land where all mothers reside in. Interestingly, such lands do not exist anymore and has been destroyed by the so-called Vuvalini crones ages ago.

In short, liberals lead you to a utopian society which cannot be sustained.

What about Mad Max ?

Mad Max's equivalent in Singapore is what I term the Mediocre Middle-class. MMs are family men like me, actually enjoying the asset inflation created by the government and giving their kids a world class education. But unlike most of the middle-class, MMs desire more than what life gives them. There is this sense that society robbed them in the past. Maybe the education system short-changed them, maybe they have a tyrannical boss, but the bottom line is that the fault must lie with the government and the capitalist if they are mediocre and can't afford the best Patek Phillipe watches or drive the awesomest BMW cars.

MMs also want equality, they hate the financial independence of the capitalists, thinking that that they will have a New Zealand lifestyle. In a sense they are as Mad as Mad Max because at the end of the day, they are too rich and well-to-do to be given welfare. A more distributive society actually hurts them more as they end up paying more taxes to fund these welfare schemes that they want so much.

But in the movie, Mad Max played into Furiosa's plans fairly well. He is but a base thug and henchman to Furiosa, working for a deluded elite who has stolen from the capitalist and wants to lead everyone to desolate and barren land.

Watch the movie and take a good look at Singapore.

Is is not true that the liberal elites are often joined by the dissatisfied middle class in Singapore politics ?

The lesson for us capitalists is to figure out how not to end up like Immortan Joe, some of us are innovative, worked hard to build up our assets, but this can be easily lost when someone like Furiosa and Mad Max gangs up to steal and misappropriate your property then kill you and your entire family.

The question of how Immortan Joe could have done better will not be discussed today.

What is important is that now you know who are the Imperator Furiosas and Mad Maxes in your midsts today.

Let them win, and your Singaporean Dream will become a Nightmare.

<< In case you are wondering, this is a satirical piece written with a hint of irony. >>

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  1. Ouch!

    That hurts!


    Good one Chris :)

    What men really want when they pursue financial success?

    A harem.

    Either that, its to be Dungeon Master ;)