Sunday, July 13, 2014

No need to be suicidal if your girlfriend is materialistic !

Sometime ago, the trolls in TheRealSingapore put up this hilarious post :

The writer has become depressed because his girlfriends keep leaving him for richer guys. As a result of this, he has asked the folks of TRS on whether he should end his life. 

Let me share a personal story.

Before I met my wife, my parents were worried that I was single. Worried that I might not be able to perpetuate my genetic material, they conspired with my neighbors to match-make me. Those days, I had only one condition, that condition is that she must be really hot for me to be interested. In the past, my aunt has made attempts to introduce me to girls when I was in KL, but they are always overweight and over-educated. ( Actually, I shouldn't even mention that they are over-educated because if they were hot, I wouldn't be complaining on this blog. )

Ok, back to my matchmaking...

Turns out that this girl my family found was really hot. She is tall, tan and comes straight from some Citibank advertisement. She serves institutional clients in a bank.

 So, what more can a dude want right ? 

I quickly arranged for a meet-up then tried to line up for a few dates. 

Then I notice strange things about my date.

She brought her girlfriend to my neighbors house to ogle at their fleet of Ferraris. 
She's always playing golf in Bintan so some dates need to be rescheduled.
We were both doing the CFA II exams. She didn't show up a the exam hall. ( Low conscientiousness )
On my second date, she was late and she was in a horrible mood, complaining that her futures were out of the money. I missed the first 20 minutes of Matrix because of her, I even offered to buy tickets for a later show. 

I guess the lesson I learned from this episode is that looks can only take you that far. 

Just like a bad futures investment which hit stop loss, I quickly cut my losses and ran for the exit.

Of course my dating luck turned positive after this event. 

At the end of the day, single guys need to understand the term "milieu" or environment when they are hunting for a spouse or even a great investment. 

If you hunt for a spouse in a singles bar, you get young girls who want to have fun, are open to new experiences, you might need to check if you are the real father of your child in the future - this comes with the dating territory. The singles bar or disco basically filters the serious and good girls who can make good spouses. Setting up a filter for growth stock practically guarantees a portfolio with a higher volatility. ( Generally speaking, of course, there are exceptions to the rule. Kingsmen Creative is a growth stock with great value. Some readers would have met their wives in Zouk would hate me if I didn't put in this disclaimer )

So my advice is that  this young man needs to take up activities where materialistic girls do not hang out. I suggest several good avenues which almost guarantee good wife material, one is to participate in a church, temple, Charity or NGO movement, you are almost guaranteed to find someone decent and non-materialistic there.

Of course, in such case, the guy needs to solve the other problem. 

Someone who writes such a stupid post in TRS would need to find a girl equally stupid to want to date him ! 

While she may not reject him because she's out for someone richer, she might dump him because he is an idiot !


  1. Wah got fleet of ferraris near your house!

  2. Old house, we have since downgraded to HDB.

  3. Hi Chris,

    Admire your candidness on such issues. Have to admit it's "better" to get hitched in a church compared to a bar.

    Curious to know how does your wife react when she reads such stuff? ;p

  4. Hmm... this is off topic but... recently read the richest man in Babylon (after reading your 100k challenge book). It's an ultra old copy from the NUS library. I wonder if Christopher you read this copy a long time ago.

    The main premises are pay yourself first and make wise investments. Any new thoughts on it?

    Oh ya and in your challenge to 100k you mentioned about investing in unit trusts? But the school of thought for index investing is that these are less value for money because of upfront sales charges and higher expense ratios compared to index funds (i.e. STI ETF) What are your views?

  5. d:esmond,

    I think the answer to your question should come in a full blog post !

  6. Dear Christopher,

    If you do have the time, I would really like to hear your views via a blog post :)

    I follow many blogs through the but I am really intrigued by your 100k challenge and hopefully I can reach it day.

    P.S. Your 100k challenge in 2005 has reached an inflation adjusted 112.4k in 2013. Sounds like CPF minimum sum!