Thursday, May 01, 2014

April Fool Portfolio : May update.

It was not a particularly good month for the April Fool's portfolio. The portfolio was down slightly while the rest of the market went up.

I think for above-average gains to be made, the portfolio would have to be expanded to be as diverse as the portfolio which I back-tested on my Bloomberg machine. That would require that I pony up enough money to buy about 50+ stocks and take on the liquidity risk associated with such counters.

For now, I would keep the portfolio as it is. If the situation does not improve in three months, I will kill this portfolio and move my money to a better investment.

ISIN CODENAMEPRICESHARESTotal ValuePrice PaidOriginal Value
E18ECS Holdings0.64200012800.651300
KI3Hu An Cable0.11000010000.1021020

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