Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Just signed up for Write Camp 2011.

I just signed up to speak for Writecamp 2011. This is one of my major goals I set for myself this year, which is to speak in the Singapore Writer's Festival but since I believe I lack credibility amongst the Literati, for now, I will focus on performing in the un-conference.

Writecamp Link

I have not completed the plan for the speech, but I expect that it should include the following :

a) People who pursue artistic pursuits take a lot of personal risks to live their dreams. Some quit a day job to focus on their writing, others never publish because of their busy work and personal lives. A workable financial plan can allow you to pursue your artistic dreams while putting food on your table.

b) Some financial figures on my expenses to get my three books published and how I reduced my costs for subsequent projects.

c) Some very compelling cost and profit figures will be shared on the Kindle Development Platform for local authors.

This post will be edited as I develop the Powerpoint slides for my presentation. In the meantime, share with me what would you like to hear in my talk.

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