Sunday, February 07, 2010

Three week break from blogging.

To all fans,

Right now I'm about to complete my e-book for my role-playing hobby so I need to focus on this project exclusively over the new year.

If you are, in fact, a D&D 4E player and you are interested in what I'm trying to do, pop me an email and I can even send you some play-test materials.

On the markets, so far there is'nt any change in my portfolio. Looks like my decision to have an investment moratorium until May seems to be the right thing to do so far. Here's hoping that some bargain hunting can take place then.

See you guys in March !



  1. always great to see a blogger that is also a fan of AD&D


  2. Drizzt Do'Urden,

    I'm a big fan of yours whether you are killing demons or sharing investment ideas.


  3. Anonymous6:46 PM

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