Saturday, February 20, 2010

The CCA vacation and my fashion line.

I've been busy launching my role-playing game product on for the past few months and one of the things I was thinking about when I completed the project is to take a break from all my CCAs. As many readers can see, I've been busy after office hours since the day I started work. I spent my first five years studying my IT and finance certifications and spent the following five years writing books on finance.

For a change I wanted to free my mind from the burden of always being focused on doing something. The aim is to release all the pent up creative energies which has been a powerful blessing and curse for me in this lifetime.

It's been one week since I started on my CCA holiday and I have FAILED dismally !

After completing my e-book and started a new blog on ENWORLD to market my stuff, that Engineering Muse of mine struck again, this time inspiring me to start my own fashion line.

Let me introduce to all of you to my Prosperity Gear designed my yours truly !

a) Innocent T-shirt with a Vietnamese theme.

My first creation started as a joke when I was hanging out with my friends. All of a sudden, some dude blurted out " My my, you have a yen for strong dong !". That statement is dying to be monetised. My first creation is a T-Shirt which is innocent unless you hang out with a group of forex traders or finance folks. This is guaranteed to make you a life of the party when you for a dinner organized by the CFA Institute.

b) Lovey-dovey T-shirt.

My next creation is something I'd like to do for people who want to succeed and find love at the same time. In a singles gathering, sometimes its hard to advertise that you are money savvy unless you can somehow print your salary on your clothes. This T-Shirt explains that a good spouse is like equity, best to buy and hold. Financially savvy people make the best spouses. This is certainly a sensitive way to advertise your personal strengths.

c) Hetty Green shopping bag.

My final creation showcases the fact that the financially savvy have a great capability for irony. What is an ugly old lady doing on a shopping bag ? Hetty Green is the Legendary Miser of Wall Street who was so stingy she hesitated to pay her son's medical expenses and caused him to have a leg amputated in the process. No other shopping bag is created to remind the shopper to be frugal at all times than to channel the legendary frugality of Hetty Green.

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