Thursday, August 17, 2023

FIRE lifestyle with Baldur’s Gate 3


My next course is still sometime away so I’ve been playing a lot of Baldur’s Gate 3 in the meantime and don’t have very much to share on this blog. It looks like I will be spending at least the next 100 hours or so to complete this game. 

If any of your are wondering, I’ve paid for an early access of the game over two years ago but I did not play the game very seriously then because it was incomplete. When the game launched officially about a week ago, I was furiously getting rid of older games on my machine to make way for this monster of a game which takes up over 100GB of space on my PC. Even after installation, the game ran very slowly on my old laptop and the gameplay was very bad even in the lowest quality settings.

Fortunately I have pals who are in the gaming industry and they told me to subscribe to this cloud based gaming platform called GEForce Now, so now at $9 a month my PC gets to behave like one with a high end GPU unit. 

This is where FIRE becomes useful, if you can set aside $2700 into diversified mix of global ETFs of different asset classes, $2700 will allow you a sustained subscription of $9 a month at a withdrawal rate of 4%. You can use the 60/40 portfolio, or you can use local dividend stocks.

But that’s not all, the irritating thing about GEForce Now is that after 10 hour of usage, I would have to queue to get a gaming rig. This queue can be long and I can wait for maybe an hour to gain access to a rig. FIRE allows me to play Baldur’s Gate during office hours when the queues are very short. So I’m quite happy to say that I finally have some leisure time during other people’s office hours. 

Finally, what do I think about the game as a D&D fanboy.

Well, for starters, Baldur’s Gate 3 is inspired by D&D but it is not exactly a D&D game, that honour would go to a game called Solasta. But I think BG3 is an excellent CRPG and any attempt to make it more like the TRPG would lose more fans. Some things that annoy me is when my Paladin cannot smite a monster with the butt of my pole arm and when I make attacks of opportunity, but BG3 makes it up to me with magical items that will be considered broken in the TRPG.  

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