Monday, April 10, 2023

Farewell to CreateWealth8888


I've always believed that if I ever achieved REAL retirement, where I no longer have any hustles, I would reinvent myself as a troll on CreateWealth8888's website. He's always had issues with my investment ideas and this was apparent to anyone who knew us both. But he never articulated these ideas in depth so I was never able to rebut him.

The truth is this: He did succeed in irking me quite a big deal, but in his own passive-aggressive way, he never provided an opening that would be making attacking his ideas look good. 

So over the years, I have fantasised about giving him a piece of my mind:
  • He lived in a different generation and should not compare his circumstances to younger bloggers. If anything he needs to be benchmarked against others his own age.
  • His ridiculous fixation with Keppel Corp flies in the face of prudent diversification and would set a bad example for younger folks who can apply his technique to Tesla or even LUNA in the future.
I don't think that if a clash were to really occur, I would be assured of winning the hearts and minds of the public. I might have an edge in logos, but he will hands down win in pathos. I remember speaking in the same panel as him under BIGS and admit that his pull as a speaker was very strong because of his earnestness and emotional appeal. This is one man sharing his investment story totally unbiased by the financial industry. This almost never happens in a financial seminar.

When I visited his wake yesterday, I realised that CW8888 was vindicated by several things which make him a great role model at the end of his life :
  • While it is imprudent to focus on Keppel Corp, it did perform fantastically in the final years of his life. 
  • All his children have managed to earn local degrees and have grown into successful adults.
  • He disengaged from work at 60, was unapologetically so, and enjoyed managing his investments right up till the very end.  
Jacob Ng has departed the world a big winner.

If the cosmos is willing, I will definitely clash with him if we ever meet again.

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  1. That's an honest and fitting tribute. Admire that even though you have differences there's always room for respect and compassion.