Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Inflation and the Chemical Castration of Singaporean Men

 I was really tickled pink when I read this hilarious article about the latest dating trends on Today Online. 

You can access the link here: https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/young-singles-putting-themselves-first-when-dating-more-open-cheaper-dates-surveys-2079916

I don't have an issue with more straightforward and cheaper dates. That's bad for business, but simple dates force everyone to focus on basic communication skills, which can't be bad given how transactional relationships are these days with dating platforms.

What I don't understand is young guys prioritising their mental well-being. In the article mentioned, this dude got ghosted and took a step back from the dating world due to being ignored over a chat app. 

I don't ghost people during my time, but I had plenty of dates that did not meet my expectations in the looks department, so I refused future dates. After 2-3 tries, folks get the hint and move on. 

But I had my fair share of nasty rejections too. 

I was matchmade to a Citi banker who deliberately came late for a movie date, forced me to buy earlier session tickets, and then claimed that she was in a bad mood because her options were out of the money.

But I did not focus on my mental wellness after that disastrous outing. I did the opposite. I "scienced the shit" out of dating and created a "system" - if I can meet ten women in a foreign language class and attend six different classes a year, then that means 60 potential mates. When I felt that, as an Asian guy, I didn't meet the expectations of women who studied French, so I learned French and Japanese simultaneously, thereby increasing my potential catch to 120, eventually meeting my wife in Japanese class. I wonder what my life would have been like if I had studied German too.

Naturally, I'm not so willing to conclude that guys need to protect their mental wellness from women ghosting them on chat platforms. 

Rising inflation has led to lower purchasing power for young men. Furthermore, as Tech begins its round of reductions, I expect guys who studied Engineering and Computer Science to bear the brunt of the latest corporate restructuring exercises. Also, the crypto crash hurt the bottom line of many crypto bros. But there is a bright side - Many women have been spared from having dates who can't stop talking about the shitcoins they own.

Our Madam President initiated a recent discussion that we're too lenient with men above 50s because they can avoid caning as a punishment. Consequently, many citizens think that instead of caning, we should chemically castrate these sexual predators. Chemical castration is temporary, less painful for men, and can help them control their sexual urges.

Maybe it is sad and somewhat ironic that we're discussing how to chemically castrate middle-aged men while younger guys are getting "economically castrated" by the downturn in Singapore.

Hopefully, 2023 will see better days after Q3. A prolonged period will swell the ranks of the BBFA, and future tax-payers like my children will have to support these defeated guys in their old age.  

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