Wednesday, February 16, 2022

New Product Launch - Cryptocurrency for Conservative Investors !

Yesterday, we've just finished a practice session of my new product launch and, boy am I grateful to have business partners. As the creation of sales materials and the product is simultaneous in my industry, the material I built meant for tonight was somewhat inadequate with quite a number of flaws, so I spent the past two days improving it for the mainstream audience.

But tonight I am ready. 

At 7.30pm, 16 February 2022, I will be conducting a preview of my second product Cryptocurrency for Conservative Investors. This product is designed for investors who are thinking of taking up a fresh position in cryptocurrency but are sceptical of the ridiculous push that cryptos have been getting in social media.

My course offering has a unique number of strengths. We've already built a network of partners and a library of tools in the ERM program that can readily be deployed to analyse and manage a portfolio of cryptocurrencies. On top of reading voluminous tomes on crypto investing, we're ready to challenge existing orthodox views on crypto investing. 

We've also got the backing of some older academic ideas. 

This is a discussion that will bring different generations of investors together. We will attempt to unify the prudence of Boomer and Gen X along with the dynamic optimism of Gen Y and Gen Z. 

Mor specifically, I will discuss the following :

  • Generational considerations when it comes to cryptocurrency.
  • What a conservative investing profile for cryptocurrency should look like.
  • What precautions need to be taken before starting a journey in crypto investing.
  • How to complement an existing portfolio with a position in the cryptocurrency
You can sign up by following the link here :

As it is almost a trial run, we have yet to ramp up marketing efforts, so it should be a cosy meeting later. If you are free, why not come along to have a discussion with me. 


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