Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Putting gaming front and centre in my latest video.

As I'm conducting Batch 24 of the Early Retirement Masterclass this week, you have to wait a week before some content reappears on this blog.  

But I have a special treat for you today :

For this video, my objective is to pay homage to my gaming roots. 

I made a special point to highlight to iFast that I really want to talk about the Alpha Black Lotus card which last traded for $500,000+ at an ebay auction. Considering this is a trading card I used to play within the 1990s, it has the potential to make TSLA stock look like a money market instrument.

Hopefully this can humanise retirement planning and it gives gamers something to shout about.

We will resume regular articles this weekend as by then I should have finished the book on helping vulnerable families by then.


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