Sunday, October 24, 2021

Links to all my CNA articles for readers who find my blog

I was thinking about what to write this morning while buying breakfast when my pal beeped me to tell me that one of the articles just appeared on Channel News Asia. 

I've been working on the article for a significant part of the week and getting exposure on how real journalists work. 

Over time, I hope to create different articles for different platforms.

The most triggering and contentious material will remain on this blog. The only thing I will not break is any laws here. For folks who enjoyed my articles on Financial Advisors, Polytechnics and Private Universities, you can expect to be entertained here at no cost to you.

The consequential and useful material has been in Dr. Wealth for years now. It will cover some of my investment research findings. Obviously, I contribute to Dr. Wealth blog to drive my own business, so there's almost a guarantee that there will be some substance there. But make no mistake, they are all for the reason to increase my sales.

I consider myself lucky if I can contribute to Channel News Asia more than once a year. For articles like this recent one, I need academic research to be thorough before I contact CNA. I also would need to work with a professional editing team which requires multiple iterations. This week I lucked out because LKYSPP published the findings on a basic standard of living.

It's not different from the anime industry. This blog is like light-novels. Dr Wealth blog is more like manga. But only a few make it to the TV screen as anime like CNA.  

So please enjoy my latest article. I've also added links to my previous article with CNA.

If you want more details on what I do along with horror stories from my employment days, come spend an evening with me in my preview.

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