Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Major Business Development - Signed up as a Introducer with iFast !

Yesterday marks a new development in my training business. 

We're levelling up with a new partner on top of existing ones!

The truth about investment courses is that they are fun and can be treated as networking events. Every instructor has students who are keen to study DIY investing but may not have the time to actually create their DIY portfolios.

Recent developments in the financial industry have opened up options that allow me to help students with fuss-free execution of their portfolio.

I've concluded a contract signing with iFAST to take on an "Introducer" role.  This allows my students to gain access to an iFAST Financial Adviser Representative (FAR) who can then facilitate the execution of portfolios strategies that they learn from my Early Retirement Masterclass. This way students and members of the public can have a convenient way to invest in strategies I advocate.

This is a win-win on multiple fronts:

  • Students now have the means to invest without going through the pain of manually keying in trades and doing their own calculation and rebalancing; the FAR facilitates this once an account is opened with iFAST.
  • iFAST charges a fee for administration and investment management services. (Which I intend to be super transparent with my students)
  • I get a small fee from this partnership for each referral (this is small and will not conflict with my teaching duties) and will disclose the amount of referral remuneration in respect to your referral if requested by my students.

Anyway, on March 13th 2.00pm, I will be discussing this development along with a discussion on the market-timing of local stocks in the ERM community event that is open to the public to listen to.

Keep a slot on your calendar as concrete details like account opening, management fees will be also discussed in that event.  

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