Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Personal Update #1 : Learning Goals


After completing the Quantitative Finance class conducted by EDHED Business School, things rapidly went downhill for me as I tried to complete all the other courses in the same category. One tip: Never sign up for a course that has less than 4 stars on Coursera. 

I tried to attempt a course obviously designed for folks who actively worked in trading algorithms. The explanation is not too bad, but the exercises made no sense within the context of the subject matter. We learnt logistics regression but the exercise was something totally different (called Tobit Regression), I followed the complainants who tried to solve the problem together but eventually decided to quit because copying code to pass an online exam is meaningless if you can't apply what you learnt to an actual financial problem.

Generally, I don't like to quit a learning program but given that I am constantly picking up new skills, I'm quite familiar with walking away from learning something. Usually, I quit when the subject is no longer consequential, but quitting when the subject was taught in a haphazard manner was frustrating because it was a waste of my time. 

Of course, it does not help that I am conducting a class at the same time! 

I know the technical content of my programs is not a good fit for all students, so we provide money-back guarantees in case they really get lost in my lessons. It's sometimes hard to dumb down because the other 95% may feel that they will learn less. Sadly, even if someone gets their money back after committing to an investment course, they would have wasted at least one evening of their time. 

Moving on, I will refine my work further in this direction:
  • Make the previews a more representative experience as an actual course. 
  • Reinforce lessons with more simple quizzes so the information sticks. 
I'm now attempting a different specialization conducted by Google so I hope to do better for this program. 

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