Monday, July 20, 2020

Glimpse of the investment training program of the future.

Right now am pretty hard at work trying to imagine how my program will look like in the future.

I do know that I have a very successful collaboration with Stocks Cafe and my challenge moving forward is to scale this form of collaboration across the industry with like-minded individuals - folks like Dr Wealth's Alvin Chow and Stocks Cafe's Evan Koh.

The folks who work well with me have a few common traits: a strong engineering/computing background, a strong desire to build solid products that consistently deliver more value than it's cost. While marketing an UX is not the strongest suit of folks I partner with - I do constantly get angst from my more marketing-oriented friends about the usability of some products I support, I believe that focusing on substance will always mean more profits long term and a comfortable growth rate. Because let's face it, we're in the business of delivering results.

I am currently working with Ivann Fok of in building backtesting tools to provide the means for local retail investors to backtest fundamental strategies. You can follow the link to get a free subscription and even access a simple video I created here where I show my students how to use the tool.

A screenshot of is as follows:

The back-end program logic is starting to shape up really well and I am beginning to able to get some of the simpler backtesting to work on my next class without burning hours queuing for a Bloomberg terminal in the libraries. Our challenge is to simplify the UI to improve on usability. Until then, I will be creating video tutorials for my students to use the tools in a way that is consistent with what is taught in my program.

I expect to have a close collaboration with Ivann over the next few months and I even invited him to be a guest student for my next ERM run which is this weekend. If you want to attend a course to run elbows with an ex-quant and developer, now's your chance to do this. The last preview for this weekend's course is tomorrow