Tuesday, May 19, 2020

New Early Retirement Master Preview - Three Icons of Investing - 21st May 2020

Since formal ERM classes ended last week, I've been hard at work.

The truth in this business is that as the lockdown stretches onwards, it becomes harder to continue to capture the attention of the investing public. The upside is that consumers and members of the public can benefit from more investment talks.

I've always wanted a different kind of webinar that is intellectually stimulating and would be appreciated by intermediate investors. As an investor myself, I also detest the "I have a magic formula to allow to shake leg in Bali with a margarita in each hand" that made investment training programs a plague in the 1990s when I was starting out as a retail investor.

This is the crisis to make such a purely informative webinar happen.

Three Icons of Investing is designed with no life stories and narratives - a significant violation iron-clad laws of customer conversion. A lot of folks sign up with me because they suffered through the same injustices in the work-place, they want a chance to fight back and to give the middle finger to their corporate master. My ERM course is built upon that foundation - our workplaces suck but here's how to deal with it.

A few months ago, someone challenged me to create a presentation that gave minimal narratives and just explained an investment process with as little BS as possible. I had months to think about over the lockdown and decided to take a slightly different approach. 

What if I can do a quick 60-80 minute presentation that just spoke about the best investors in the world, deconstructed their techniques and best moves, and explained how a retail investor can channel some of their powers (albeit at a much smaller scale).  What if I can attempt a presentation on the great Jim Simons, where very little has ever been written about his investment strategies. This would have been an intellectual feat that may intrigue even the more skilful investors in the community.

I will launch my third preview in my series this Thursday night at 7.30pm. 

If you are free, just sign up for my webinar here

For the folks who follow my journey as an investment trainer, know that I approach this business in a very different way. I adopt the freemium model.  I present three different webinars to generate sales for my ERM, combined together these free webinars are getting almost as crunchy as a paid 1-day programme.
  • The Four Seasons - A financial journey through the life of an ordinary Singaporean
  • Roads to Riches - Answers the question as to how most of us get rich
  • Three Icons of Investing - How to channel three of the greatest minds in investing
My talk is very beta this Thursday but I think some folks will appreciate its raw charm. It has less than 60 slides and I have yet to unleash the full force of infographics. Normally, I do a dry-run with Dr Wealth staff and the sales personnel would pound me quite aggressively so that I can sharpen my presentation, after all, it helps with the selling later.

If you are an intermediate investor, just come right down and listen to it. 

Anyway, I suspect my alumni may be out on full force because it is almost a revision lecture for them!

As usual, this is still a sales presentation to generate revenue for my class in June, but my reputation is that I will give you fair value for the time you invest with me. 

So folks who have no intention of becoming customers are welcome to come to the webinar. 


  1. Hi Chris, I have attended two of your previous webinars/seminars and am eagerly looking forward to your third theme.

    If I may make a little suggestion to increase the value proposition, many classes make assertions on the wonderful kinds of returns that students can get. I think it would strengthen your case if you can show some form of proof or research that whatever strategies is being promoted, actually has some sort of track record or evidence of actually generating those returns across economic cycles. Even if data is presented , I would like to see the length of back-testing to back up the assertions. Otherwise what proof is there to show the strategies work, as intended ?

    Secondly, the contents of your webinars are enriching, however this leaves me with a dilemma. If I can pick up the bulk of skills by merely attending your webinar, why would anyone bother to pay more to attend the ERM?

    So i think the audience can get a better sense of what the value proposition is by showing a summary or content list of the things that we will learn under paid content and explicitly point out that these are stuff not covered in the free webinars. This allows the audience to better form a value judgement.

    If i may quote a generic model, if you teach value investing, the paid content can include eg. lifelong database of value stocks, python codes for analysis, stock screener for value stocks - these are very tangible stuff that we can form a value judgement on and helps to decide whether we should go ahead to sign up.


  2. Kh,

    You are totally spot-on on how I can proceed to build my business further.

    Within the class, we are indeed very data-driven and for business reasons, our previews will always remain a very shallow reflection of what we really do in our classes and the FB community. Soon our backtests may be limited only by our data sources.

    How far I can go for my previews is a question of how far my competition will go. I also worry that I am showing too much of my hand.

    I think a very strong value proposition will emerge once a potential customer goes through all my previews and reads what stuff I am working on in this blog. I doubt anyone who provides as much value for a training program would have any incentive to teach anyway.


  3. i wan to sign up,but i am not keen on webinars.

  4. No worries, we will get back to our two-day workshops when Phase 2 begins.