Thursday, October 26, 2017

Next BIGSCRIBE Talk : Getting more from REITS workshop.

My next talk will be held on 22nd November 2017 at Raffles City Tower at 7.30pm.

To buy the tickets, please follow this link.

My next talk is going be highly dangerous but exciting. So right now, I am putting enough disclaimers onto my slides.

The first part of my talk would be updating my findings when I was tweaking a REITs portfolio to create a reasonably diversified mix that can backtests over 12+% for the past 10 years. Previous attendees if my talks might wish to see how a refined strategy looks like.

Ordinarily, the first half of the talk should give you your money's worth, but intermediate investors want more because anyone can do backtesting if they have the right tools to do it.

In my next talk, I will be talking about leverage the first time and will talk about how to responsibly create a margin portfolio for yourself. This is highly dangerous for the uninitiated but I will specifically discuss two specific applications of leverage :

a) Applying leverage to speed up your journey towards financial independence.
b) Applying leverage to offset a specific liability on your personal balance sheet like a mortgage.

The moment you get into leverage, you are risking your portfolio and net worth towards absolute ruin. During this talk, I will be discussing the ways and means to minimise the possibility of this occurring.

More importantly, I try to also paint the Doomsday scenario that awaits any leverage investor.

Over the next few weeks, I will be discussing the major points leading up to this talk.

Do give us your support and pick up the tickets before they are all gone !


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