Saturday, January 07, 2017

(On Upcoming Talk ) Tools for Titan #22 : Picking the right audience

Tracy Dinuncio is the CEO of Tradesy who has raied $75 million from various prominent investors in spite of being born with a serious birth defect.

This section is short and has only one point on picking the right audience. So this is a great opportunity to share some details on planning which is going into our next talk which sold out yesterday.

I originally pitched this idea as a bootcamp for couples who are planning to get married, even promising myself to incorporate another company if I can't get a law firm to accept me this year if I turned out to be the only believer in this idea. This would have been a part of a series of bootcamps for people who are in different stages in their lives. The vision is that the company would have a product line of courses which show ordinary people how to plan their finances based on their specific personal circumstances. Running these bootcamps can then sustain our company moving forward.

But our company is unique in which every shareholder including myself has something more serious to do than to work on this company initiatives exclusively so we could only experiment on something on a much smaller scale.

As the investment content on our next talk is going to be a lot lighter than our previous talk, I was initially sure that sales would be much slower. However, we still sold out within 3 days for a larger venue which is largely credit to Lionel Yeo and 15WW who have a very strong and dynamic readership.

So this process is very much like doing A/B testing. We are selling 50-60 tickets to readers and providing content which goes beyond the value of a single session because, at least for me, I wish to keep an option to scale it into something much larger.

So, if you paid for the tickets, please keep the feedback coming. If there is another event before the mid-year, I expect to pitch something more technical and targeted at yet another different crowd.

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