Friday, December 23, 2016

Tools for Titans #13 : Don't retreat into a story.

Seth Godin is one of the most well-read blogs today although I can't seem to be able to appreciate why.

I guess this is the power of one of the best direct marketers today. In my opinion, Seth Godin's write-up is quite long compared to the others but it is full of folk wisdom which people reading it are already inclined to agree with so I could not find any real insight into how to succeed in life. Also I tend to be skeptical of people who are fans of Zig Ziglar.

Nevertheless, here are my choice picks :

a) First, ten people.

One way to start anything new is to present your ideas to ten cheerleaders who already like you. This is powerful because it is motivating and functions as a boost to morale. More importantly, if you get negative feedback from those who love you, you better correct it before you present it to those who hate you or are ambivalent towards you.

Ten is also quite a big number of fans. I can generate ten fans from asking around on this blog to test out my next book because it is non-fiction and about making money. People give a shit about making money. It is much harder to find someone if I am a fiction writer or a poet  I mean, in a world full of narcissistic assholes, who gives a shit unless the poem is about them ?

But even if you wish to impose on your ten biggest fans, be open to feedback and change accordingly.

And sooner or later, you would have to expose your goods to people who are more inclined to kick your ass.

b) Don't retreat into a story

Another point which I really like is the idea that we are too inclined towards a narrative of ourselves. It's actually great to create some meaning in our lives to get us to motivate ourselves further but there is a risk of retreating too far into a story.

This section is too short on specifics but I've seen people who live their lives as if they are some protagonist in their Wuxia series. It's always their struggle and how the world conspires to make them fail in their lives.

Another problem is that a story is just one perspective and one point of view. I prefer to employ models to explain the things around me - the more models backed by research, the merrier.

c) Honey Oat Vodka

The Seth Godin's section contains a vodka recipe which may justify the price of the entire book.

Not sharing it here because I think folks should just buy the book.

I'm actually gonna try this out for my class party next year.

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