Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tools for Titans #41 : What are their incentives ?

Mike Shinoda is one of the two vocalists of Linkin Park.

There is only one major learning from this section of the book.

When we engage with someone, the first question we should always ask ourselves is what are the incentives of the other party.

For example, how do we know that insurance agents may not have our best interests in mind ?


Insurance agents  make a commission based on how many or what kinds of products we buy from them. They are not paid a commission when we meet our financial goals or do well in the financial markets.

Insurance agents will sell you products which would give them the highest possible commissions. You see a lot of ILPs being unloaded to the hapless customer but very few term life insurance schemes. Confront them with this fact and you will find a response which demonstrates just how prepared and polished they are for questions like that which you pose.

Same goes for some of these so-called life coaches.

If life coaches are paid per session, and do not negotiate the conditions for an exit, then the incentive would be to extend the business relationship for as long as possible. Does the life coach ever benefit from resolving your personal issues permanently ?

Don't get me started on litigators....

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