Thursday, January 12, 2017

Tools for Titans #36 : Some Quick Tips.

[ I am wrapping my work for today to go to the venue where I will be giving the talk later. Fortunately, today's article is very short. ]

Noah Kagan is the thirtieth employee of Facebook and the fourth employee of He is quite short on life philosophy but quite extensive on life hacks.

Just three ideas from him :

a) Increase your productivity

One instant way is to increase the speed of your mouse tracking. Another is to get a higher-end router.

b) Remove distractions

Facebook can be very distracting. One way is to use a Facebook newsfeed eradicator. I just shut off news I don't like.

c) The "+" trick in

Someone should try this and let me know whether it works.

Suppose your email is When signing up for a website like, try signing up with the email Messages will still arrive on your email but you will know instantly which website is is spamming you.

That's all for today !

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