Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Next Financial Bloggers Talk on 12th January : Couple Finances

Most of you would have been aware by now that my next talk will be on 12th January 7.30pm at Singapore Shopping Centre. If you wish to buy tickets to this talk, please follow this link.

Once again, there will be three speakers.

Other than myself there is the super-popular Lionel Yeo from CheerfulEgg who has just recently gotten married. Another speaker is Thomas Zhuo of 15hourworkweek who has chronicled his personal journey to financial independence along with detailed information on his personal expenses.

My session is divided into two parts. For the first part, I will be covering insights I have found from social science research on marital finances. As some truths I will be revealing may be counter-intuitive or even mildly controversial, there is going to be more emphasis on researched information for the first part of my presentation.

The second part of my presentation will be on my own personal finances and how I provide a stipend for my mum and support my family of four while being a full-time student with SMU.

Here are some highlights on what I will be covering for this session :

  • Motivation behind financial planning for singles, married couples and families.
  • Differences between men and women when it comes to money.
  • Change in expenses when transitioning from single-hood to marriage.
  • Key information on wedding expenses
  • Effect of marriage on earnings
  • Expenses incurred when you have kids
  • How I manage my own personal finances
  • Pre-marital finances checklist 
  • Post-marital finances checklist

Our company is currently experimenting with talks which emphasises less on actual investing but more on general personal finance. We do expect our audience to be different from the last time and this event will provide us a platform to determine what kind of future events we will conduct for the audience.

Please give us your support. !

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