Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Art of the Good Life #27 : If you break on the outside.

The second part of the Circle of Dignity series is about maintaining the upper hand no matter what happens.

The example given was a story of a Vietnam veteran who was supposed to be paraded through the streets to show the world how well-treated US POWs were treated. Moments before he was supposed to be paraded, he bashed his face so hard against a stool, his face became bloodied so much so that the Vietnamese were no longer able to use him to make a public statement.

Although I sort of get this advice, I would hesitate to attempt such heroics. I mean, if I die, I would not be able to see my kids anymore. What's personal dignity anyway if you lose your chance to see your family in the end ? Instead, I think it's better to bend even if you sacrifice your personal dignity in the process.

But still, in my own little way, I am able to put a smaller principle into practice.

What I hate are sore losers when playing board games.

There is always this breed of gamer who overcompensates for his lack of real world achievementso he treats a gaming session as a matter of life and death.

My principle is that a sore loser should never be allowed to win board game, even if this means that I lose badly.

There was this Settlers of Catan game I played where the sore loser was on board. I clearly had the lowest point so I was losing badly. But before sore loser was about to win, I turned to a friend who was one point behind and asked him what resources he needed to get his last victory point. I then traded the resources for a nominal resource.

At my successful attempts at Kingmaking, the sore loser flew into a rage.

That remains one of the most satisfying board game experiences I ever had.


Unknown said...

Narcissistic personality disorder.

But maybe he's now ridiculously successful?

Many narcissistic people do end up in high paying professions.

There's even one in oval office lol.

Christopher Ng Wai Chung said...

Not this sore loser.