Monday, June 23, 2014

Talk this week : Escape the Rat-race - Hacker's edition.

The Hacker and Painter's movement has expressed an interest in my approach towards attaining financial independence, as such, I will be giving a free talk at the following time and venue this coming Friday, 27th June 2014 :

Time : 12pm - 1pm.
Venue : Plugin@Blk71 - Blk 71, Ayer Rajah Crescent, #02-18, S(139951)

It will be a very simple 45-minute talk on attaining financial independence with some discussion on how I figured out a way to retire before age 40.

The IT guys might be in on a special treat as I will be showcasing some of the results of my dabbling into statistical programming.

For the rest, I should be giving out free copies of my third book Sowing the Seeds of Prosperity to the first three folks who ask great questions during the Q&A section.


Richard Ng said...

Wow! Way to go and enjoy the session.. Too bad I can't make it or else will sure to be there to support you!

Looking forward your post-session blog post ;-)

Createwealth8888 said...

Any future free talk sessions on weekends or after office hours e.g. 7.30 pm?

Christopher Ng Wai Chung said...

It depends largely on whether someone invites me to speak.

I enjoy giving public talks, it's a great way to build up a personal brand.

Passive Income Builder said...

Somehow this reminds me of Arkad in the richest man of Babylon who found his way to financial freedom! ;)

Christopher Ng Wai Chung said...

I'm nowhere close to Arkad.

My Diablo III Crusader is looking for an Akkhan set.

Passive Income Builder said...

The set looks pretty awesome!