Thursday, July 14, 2016

My talk on Funding your child's University Education at the Lifelong Learning Library.

It's been a tiring day !

Today's event attendance was great and I noticed that some folks are far too young to actually be parents but I think we had a very fruitful session exchanging ideas with each other.

When I started planning the presentation months ago I wanted to spread an unconventional message on the how to determine the value of a paper qualification along with the ways and means to come up with the financial resources to pay for one. One key objective would be to shed light on private university degrees and try to explain why salaries of these graduates are low compared to local degree holders.

Along the way, I was able to blend in some ideas from economists along with some statistics to get parents to start thinking about the opportunity costs of paying such a large amount of money to tuition teachers and enrichment seminars and think about how large this money stash can get if it was invested in the stock market instead. This forms the heart of my dangerous idea : Money paid to tutors and enrichment schools could have been used to pay off dividends starting from the day your child graduates from a polytechnic.

I had expected the audience to be hostile and to give me a hard time, but everyone was agreeable and gracious today.

Thank you for your attendance.

A copy of the slides can be downloaded from the link below :

Link to the PDF.

I hope to get more speaking gigs into the future. This is akin to getting Toastmasters training without paying for membership dues.

I am interested in doing some research and talking about how couples should manage their finances together. If you have a venue and want a free speaker, do let me know on this blog.


  1. Drop box link does not work leh.....

  2. Cannot be leh. Other bloggers have managed to download the files.

  3. investment in enrichment vs prepare for private uni/finanical investment is a strategy i'm considering.

    My opinion is self esteem is also an important factor. both IQ and EQ need development.
    children abilities to fish and continously learning will be critcal to their own success


    Ensuring your child has a degree may not ensure a good life going forward. As controversial as it sounds, the direct way to ensure that your child has a good life is via inheritance. Of course, the child should be taught how to handle large amount of monies during his growing up years.