Monday, May 17, 2010

Presentation at BlinkBl_nk - The Philosophy of Finance.

With the ever pragmatic Government of Singapore looking at the establishment of a liberal arts college here. Folks like me who had a very "functional" education will need to re-look at ourselves and ask ourselves if our skills will be outdated when the next batch of graduates, many armed with a very deep understanding of context and critical thinking, arrive in the workplace.

The value of the humanities is immense and even the most hardcore engineer or investor can benefit from a very simple grounding in the Trivium - Grammer, Logic and Rhetoric - the Foundation of a classical education.

My next gig will be at Blue Jaz where I will be talking about the Philosophy of Finance.

I will present a framework drawn from a famous philosopher and explain how a similar process can be used in a pragmatic setting like Personal Finance to rapidly bootstrap folks along the journey to becoming their own financial guru.

Venue : Blue Jaz Cafe
Address : 11, Bali Lane, Third Floor
Time : 19th May 2010, 7pm

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