Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Liberal Arts #2 : What can we learn from the Mohists ?

I've not been updating this blog lately. My focus is now in Android programming and coming up with a program to make my D&D games smoother. It's been about 10 years since I wrote programs seriously and now I have to relearn Java on a mobile platform.

Well today's is not so much an article but some advertising for a friend's online publication called "Singularity" which is an inter-disciplinary magazine.

I did an article on Mohist philosophy which reviews their key disagreement with the more familiar Confucianist philosophy and glean useful insights in living the modern life. I want to explore new ways of monetizing income and volunteering an article for my friends online magazine is a good way to learn a little about publication. This platform, if managed well, has some potential.

Anyway, if you are into Eastern philosophy or modern self-help, you will find that the article useful. The cost is minimal as my friend will need to pay his bills as well.

Link to the Polymath Programmer