Sunday, September 12, 2021

Come for my ERM Community Event Q32021 on 16th September 2021

Ok, as I'm 95% done with my slides, I should be able to share details on the next ERM community event. 

Date/Time : 16th September 2021 / 730pm

You can register for the event here :

The theme is employing the ERM framework on overseas markets. A large proportion of my program focuses on investing in the local markets and this creates the impression that I only teach investing in the local markets. Recently, I managed to enrol a student from Australia who has applied the same framework to the ASX and I've been piggybacking on his stock screens to make my first move into Australia. 

If the framework works Down Under, why not apply it to the most divisive markets today which is China?   

The community event will be divided into about three parts :

a) International Investing: Australia

I will be running through the entire ERM framework applied to Australian stocks. Students can treat this as an extension of the ERM programme that discusses how to build an Australian portfolio.

c) International Investing: China

The next topic is a hot one. One signal that markets have bottomed out is when a Dr Wealth instructor gets flak from random folks on the web for no rhyme or reason. 

I've independently done some work on explaining how a retail investor can think about China which should be interesting as I'm not really tainted by the talking heads in the media on investing in China. I try to read a popular book on international politics and then I will apply it to what I know about a country to form a conclusion.

At the end of the session, I will also be applying the ERM framework on making my first series of Chinese stocks. 

d) Update on the ERM portfolio

I will update everyone on how the consolidated portfolio is doing so far. It's not too bad and my students continue to make fairly smart moves in the market.

e) Fractal Market Analysis

From now on, I will begin to stretch the boundaries on what is possible in investment training, so I will pick really hard topics on Finance, topics that I barely understand, and I will try to teach them in a short public lecture. At this level, my task is to actually find a way to deepen my own understanding of the subject matter and this is largely inspired by Richard Feynman's technique where he would teach a topic to deepen his understanding of it.

I will be covering Fractals Market Hypothesis (FMH) which claims to address issues raised by the Efficient Markets Hypothesis. I will also demonstrate how these concepts actually work when applied to the local stock market. 

f) Alumni referral program

Finally, I have a fairly strong community of 565 alumni and I've made arrangements for them to earn their next cup of Starbucks Coffee with a referral program. 

Anyway, if you have nothing on Thursday evening, why not just pop in to see whether you understand what I spoke about. It should be challenging unless you are already part of my community. If it's all greek to you, at least you can debate with me whether my stance on China makes sense. 

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