Friday, July 17, 2020

Gen-X sabotages each other and then blames society for their ills.

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I'm kinda miffed that everything is just about Millenials on mainstream media. It is almost like the PAP in Seng Kang were toppled by avocado-eating, bubble-tea-drinking Crotch Goblins of the Boomer generation.

Experts do not seem to know much more than laymen, hinting that perhaps PAP should field a Tik Tok star to attract votes in the future or implement Universal Basic Income because future voters just want to stay at home and watch Tik Tok videos.

What people forget is that Seng Kang swing may also be attributed to Generation-X because our political inclinations are more malleable and can swing either way.

There is some point made by pundits which suggests that we Gen-X are a super unhappy lot and many of us may see GE2020 as an opportunity to teach PAP a lesson they will never forget.

a) Gen-X is entering the most unhappy period of their lives

Happiness and age - Brilliant Living HQ

If you note the life satisfaction of someone over time, it bottoms at around 47.2 years old. This is the age many Gen-X folks find themselves in. In my case, I am sad because I lost my father and I see my mother get older and sicker as she is in her 70s.

For other Gen-X, it may be because their careers have gotten nowhere and technology is really changing so they are starting to fail in catching up at work. Whether this drives the swing is something that sociologists cannot ignore.

b) Gen-X has archaic notions of personal success shaped by the fucking Boomers

Just these two weeks, I think Whatsapp has really shown me what Gen X is really made of.

First off, some entitled Tai-Tai in my secondary school chat who lives along Bukit Timah road  started to post Patek Phillip watches on the chat group which was really tasteless and rude given that there was probably no malice in her actions. We're not an elite school like ACS, for every Patek Philip watch, there is a parent who is struggling to make ends meet on the chat group. There's no need to make things even worse.

Second, in a chat with ex-colleague,s a guy who is a company director put up a picture of a humble Honda Civic and asked others what they thought. The answer from another friend is "Honda Civic does not suit your status". No matter what of car you have, it is at least $1,600 to feed one every month. WTF must a car suit a person's status?

I take Grab and public transport, so what's my personal status?

This is the kind of dick games Gen-X play among ourselves. Young people are getting really sick of us. When I was studying in SMU Law School, one 40-something senior, upon hearing that a much younger classmate was getting married started to talk about the size of diamond rungs and how big it should be. I know law school has a lot of Crazy Rich Asians, but what kind of example are we setting for them?

( BTW, you want the respect of Millenials in Law School, read the fucking cases before a group discussion ! )

Fuck, I probably have the highest status good for Generation X - I can take afternoon naps on weekdays. How many Gen X got that?

c) Mid-life crisis is starting to cripple my generation.

The olders Gen-X may be facing spousal menopause which is a definite trigger for a mid-life crisis. This is the point when retirement savings take a big hit when people start buying luxury cars or sugar babies.

It is fine if you have money to indulge in excesses but not fine if you, like many Gen-X, face job insecurity, mounting mortgages and may even need to support your kids through school. On top of that, my myself, you will realise that you are no longer a star at work and are seen as an albatross around your company's neck. Your bosses are also no longer as friendly as before as you can be replaced with younger and more dynamic staff.

Lastly, your success and failures are, unlike younger folks, carved in stone. Your life outcome is slowly becoming the result of the way you have lived your life for the past 20 years.

Short term, life is a voting machine. You can be successful if you look good to others. Long term, life is a weighing machine. You need substance for long term success.

I all these instances, there are Gen X who have started out worse than me, ended up doing better than me. It is hard to show that all this unhappiness stems from PAP's governance.

Ask yourselves, you've cast your vote:

  • Can a vote bring back your favourite Macdonalds at Centrepoint?
  • Will there be reruns of Asia Bagus and VR Man?
  • Will Ch 8 bring back drama serials like the Unbeatables with Zoe Tay and Li Nanxing?
  • Particular harsh for me, can Cranberries ever release another album?
  • (Super harsh for me) Can Comics Mart and Leisure Craft reopen?

Your vote can't make you happy, Gen X.

Only you can make yourself happy.

( I think a VR Man reboot would be loved by Millenials. Just sayin... )


Unknown said...

No need to over analyse. ALL Gens are the same. We are shaped more by culture & surrounding society rather than generational gap. Gen Z in Singapore have more in common with local boomers than with US Gen Z.

Life, just like investing, is composed of cycles, reversion to the mean, over and under compensation etc. Gens Y & Z will have their turns to have mid-life crisis.

As for now, Gen X is merely turning into the typical curmudgeons of the same ilk as boomer & pre-boomer coffeeshop KPKBs. Lol!

Remember that PAP was oppo once. And that the people who voted them in were malcontents & socialist reactionaries.

lcw said...

And will Maggie Cheung make a movie comeback??

Christopher Ng Wai Chung said...

She might not be hot anymore !