Friday, February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day - On assortative mating and hypergamy

I try to write something every Valentine's Day to update my understanding of the dating world. By now I am a dinosaur and have been out of the dating game for over a decade and things have changed quite a bit from the last time I dated.

Recently someone asked FB what is the probability of a JC-Poly union blossoming into an actual marriage. The trolls immediately activated and said that the chances of dying from COVID-19 is higher than such a relationship succeeding. The good news arising from this thread is that I participated by asking for instances of RGS-ITE relationships and was told that a Govt scholar married her ITE sweet heart who works at the front desk in the same government ministry. It's a nice tale that deserves a Jack Neo movie adaptation but I rather not verify it because we are all entitled to our own fantasies of modern living.

Assortative mating is now in mainstream policy making. This was mentioned by Tharman Shanmugaratnam as a major source of inequality in modern society. People are now attracted to others who fall within the same social economic status likely arising from more more women getting into the workplace. Consequences for society are dire as rich couples then transmit a much larger social advantage to their children. I am glad that assortative mating is there to take the heat off rent-seekers like us dividends investors - when some woke person bitches about inequality, I get to ask them why they married a degree holder like themselves.

The other issue is that even though assortative mating takes place, female hypergamy is still rampant. Asian women still do not like marrying down socio-economically. Even CNA Luxury is featuring a new dating app that has an acceptance rate of only 14% that allows only elite men to participate.

Government has not started introducing hypergamy into mainstream discussion even though I think they should. I think it keeps too many women on the shelves. In a meet-up with financial bloggers, many female bloggers alluded to me that they are prepared to decouple salary metrics from a potential mate's masculinity but female bloggers are a small constituency in the female population. It is up to a new generation of Singaporeans to decide how to redefine masculinity. I think the situation is still quite bad - stay at home dads get micro-aggressions in daily life. I take my son to school sometimes and I feel it too - five-digit monthly dividends portfolios are invisible and people will look at you funny anyway.

The response from males in the face of both assortative mating and hypergamy is very straight-forward -They withdraw from mate competition.

In every major recession, males who drop out from the job market experience a boost to their life satisfaction. This is because there is a universe of computer games and streaming videos waiting to entertain them for $20 a month.

We've done this mental exercise before. A $100,000 portfolio can generate $500 a month at 6% yields. More if you are willing to employ leverage. $500 a month can support a BBFA that just streams and eat instant mee. If the portfolio fails due to some reason, just get a gig economy job to top up. This is slowly becoming a acceptable lifestyle for males.

If you take this BBFA route, you will not have a lot of hair left by the time you hit your 50s, but there is no woman to judge you on Valentine's Day.


WTK said...

Hi Chris,

BBFA is my route of direction. I have peace of mind and do the things as per my desire. As long as one is happy, this is enough as per my perspective.


Christopher Ng Wai Chung said...

A lot of my readers self identify as BBFA.

One day it will be as prestigious as CFA.

WTK said...

Hi Chris,

The main reason of the preference to be BBFA is due to the liberation of doing the things on own term and condition as per my perspective. I can only say in my own shoes.

You may have known that it is very very stressful to live the normal route of direction. Get married & have kids and saddled with the mind pressing debts like to housing/car/expenses etc. When one has fulfilled so-called obiligations, he/she will be too old to pursue his/her interest. This is not limiting to the possibilities like the premature exit from this world unexpectedly. Life is very unpredictable and one may be gone at the next moment.

The above circumstance leads to me to think on the type of life I want for life. Do I want a lifestyle in which the usual people choose to live? To have offsprings to lengthen the mankinds? I deem it to be boring as per my perspective.

I believe that everyone has his/her interests in life. Most choose to follow the normal route and assume that the personal interests can be pursued in the later stage of life. I used to have such thoughts in the past and cease to do so. Time waits for no man and all is gone when one leaves this world. I realised during my last full-time employment in which I worked from 8.30am to 11pm on weekdays due to sheer amount of workload. I started to wonder whether this is worthwhile in term of dollars and cents and the sacrifice which I made for the extra rest (Official working hours from 9am to 6.30pm) for the full-time employment.

I made the decision to quit the full time employment in early April 2019 and left the full-time employment. I am able to do so for being BBFA. This is my prefered decision to be BBFA and I am glad to have made such decision which I believe to have lengthen my lifespan (due the absence of the sheer amount of stress and heavy workload from full-time employment).

The above are my personal opinion and heartfelt experience for choosing the route to be BBFA.

Warmest Regards,